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Creekstone Farms Ltd. is run as a separate entity from Cattleland Feedyards Ltd., but shares staff and equipment to allow efficiencies in both operations.  The farming operation is located in southern Alberta and consists of 12,000 acres. 

Our strategic goals over the next 10 years include: 
  • Expansive growth of 50%.
  • Increase return on investment to 25%.
  • Maximize the productivity of every acre.

To achieve our goals we have put together a very strong leadership and management team to ensure we maximize the productivity of every acre. We also apply state of the art techonolgy to ensure the best yields and returns on our crops. In 2010, we implemented auto steer technology which uses satellites to directly steer our farm equipment. This reduced our overlap to within 4 inches. We have also implemented variable rate technology to reduce the amount of fertilizer wastage by reviewing actual fertilizer needs per acre based on prior years yields.  Risk management has also become key in marketing our commodities and controlling our costs.

Our strategy is working, 2010 and 2011 were exceptional farming years with above average yields and ​great quality crops. ​

​We are always open to buying or renting land!